Meet Pam

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach helping women reclaim their health, despite their age, setbacks and challenges. I invite women around the world to join my growing community and come together supporting the cause of being a healthy-strong, powerful woman.


Born and raised in Arkansas, soul food was my 1st love. My love for it in large quantities, however  caused me to develop some really bad habits. Due to that, I struggled with excessive weight gain from unhealthy eating and poor choices in my life. Year after year, I wanted to change but couldn't find the will to do it. I decided to change my life and fight for me and women like myself.


My breakthrough came when I realized that I was responsible for my life and how I was feeling. I started caring about life and my health and how what I ate affected me in every way. I started fighting for my life and happiness. I decided that enough was enough, and I made a permanent life change; to live in a way I never had before. Working out in the outdoors became therapy for me and it freed me the cages of life that I had been existing in. I craved nature and long walks and I missed smiling inside my body, which is something I hadn't done in a very long time. I felt so good that I not only wanted to help myself but other women feel powerful just as I had learned how to do.


So I started "Women Reclaiming Their Health" on Facebook a community dedicated to encouraging women of all sizes, race and backgrounds to take their POWER BACK AND FEEL THEIR BEST ALL THE TIME and I haven't looked back since.


Thank you for reading this & thank you for being on this journey and joining me along with many other women who are making a change in their life everyday!